Since inception, the Association, through its members’ contributions, has committed itself to undertake projects that would not only restore our Alma Mater – Hope Waddell Training Institution in Calabar, but, would provide opportunity to produce Nigeria’s future leaders.

Our projects target school infrastructure that are currently either totally non-existent or non-functional.

We have specifically renovated the school’s Kitchen and installed modern kitchen equipments to promote a conducive boarding environment, especially for out-of-town students. In addition, the Association has modernized the school’s Library to provide online access, current textbooks, and reference materials as well as a fitting circulation desk.

Our future projects, among others, include buildings renovation, and equipping the school’s:

  • laboratories (chemistry, biology, physics);
  • health center;
  • sports stadium;
  • auditorium;
  • gymnasiums with indoor basketball court; and
  • volleyball and tennis courts

We thank everybody who assisted us in various capacities to ensure that our projects are successful.

If you are interested in contributing or just want to know more please feel free to contact us.

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The image above shows the dilapidated state of some of our school’s infrastructure. Lets join hands to make Hope Waddell renewed